What type of strings are you looking for?

For the most part, Stringathon is collecting guitar strings for acoustic, electric, and classical guitars. Even electric bass guitar strings are accepted. As long as they are unused (or new) strings, we'd love to receive them. To arrange a donation, use this contact info.

Could I give you my old strings that I've already played?

Sorry, but no, for two reasons. 1) Used guitar strings collect dirt and grime from the oils in our fingers and this can corrode the strings prematurely. 2) Once strings are put on a guitar, the excess get cuts off. Winding around the tuning post and cutting off the excess, limits the string from being used again.

Do you accept ukulele strings?

Yes, absolutely! Lots of schools use ukuleles in their band rooms.

Do you accept mandolin or banjo strings?

Not right now. Most schools that do have stringed instruments for students, typically use acoustic guitars.

I don't have any unused strings to offer. Are you accepting financial donations?

Indeed. If you'd like to make a donation of money, thanks to PayPal you can click on the "Donate" button on the Donate page. A new window will open where you decide how much you'd care to donate. Just follow the PayPal prompts for an easy transaction that is simple and secure.

Is there a mailing address that I could send my strings to?

Not yet. Charlie A'Court created Stringathon as a grassroots project. At present, Charlie has arranged to personally meet with people in public spaces in the Halifax area to collect the strings. Hopefully as Stringathon grows, there will be a postal address to accept string donations from anywhere.

How do I arrange to meet with Charlie to donate my guitar strings?

You can fill out the email form or click on info@stringathon.ca on the Contact Us page. If you're in the Halifax area or planning on being in the Halifax area you can email Charlie to arrange a time to meet and drop off your strings.

I live outside of the Halifax area. How can I deliver these strings to Stringathon?

MaritimeBus is a community partner and an official drop-off location for Stringathon. Drop off your unused strings at any of MaritimeBus' eight terminal locations including Moncton (NB), Saint John (NB), Fredericton (NB), Truro (NS), Halifax (NS), Dartmouth (NS), New Minas (NS), and Charlottetown, PEI), and you can ship your strings to Stringathon free of charge.

Can schools from anywhere across Canada apply?

One day, it would be amazing to see Stringathon grow into a national resource. Right now, Stringathon is a one-person operation and as such, is focused on servicing schools in the greater Halifax area but also works hard to support schools across Nova Scotia when resources permit.

Our school has a band room with guitars. How can our school access Stringathon?

It's as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. Use the email form or call the number on the Contact Us page. In your email, don't forget to mention which school you're representing and to outline how many acoustic and/or electric guitars you have. You can also use the application form on the Apply page to submit your request to receive strings from Stringathon

When do schools receive the donation of guitar strings?

Stringathon begins collecting strings at the start of any given school year. Then, in May and June until the end of the school year, Stringathon visits schools to donate the strings so each school is stocked and ready to start the new school year in September.

Is there a particular brand of guitar string you're looking for?

Not specifically. Stringathon uses strings from most major manufacturers to make complete sets that get donated to schools.

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