Photo credit: Riley Smith

Charlie A'Court, creator of Stringathon

Charlie is a Canadian soul/roots recording artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Charlie has released eight albums and is a five-time East Coast Music Award winner and an eight-time Music Nova Scotia Award winner. He is an international touring performer who is constantly leveraging his success as an indie-artist to serve the community.

One day when he was sorting through a pile of his own unused guitar strings he had collected from touring and performing, Charlie wondered how these strings could help others. When Charlie was a junior high school student, the music room had about two dozen acoustic guitars where he and other students started to learn to play. Inevitably, those strings would break; and that's when it hit him. Stringathon would be created to collect unused guitar strings and donate them to music classrooms in local schools.

As a pro-musician, A'Court's next thought was that he couldn't be the only guitar player with a collection of unused strings. So, the call went out to the music scene in Nova Scotia and the response has sparked life into Stringathon.

How Stringathon works

It's all about community. Stringathon reaches out to musicians, music stores and various manufacturers and collects their unused guitar strings. Then, after matching them with strings from similar gauges, the completed sets are ready to be donated to schools that have guitars in their music classroom. All types of strings are collected including acoustic, electric and classical (nylon) guitar strings as well as ukulele, and even bass guitar strings.

Stringathon starts collecting strings at the beginning of each school year and continues right through until Music Monday which is a national celebration of music education in school held on the first Monday in May. Then, Stringathon visits schools in need of guitar strings and outfits the entire class so every guitar has a fresh set of strings to start the next school year.

Right now, Stringathon is a grassroots community initiative servicing schools in the Halifax and surrounding area. In the future, Stringathon hopes to grow leaps and bounds to include more and more schools and one day even become a trusted national resource.


Want to help?

Do you have unused guitars strings you would like to give to Stringathon?