Growth & Exploration

School music education provides students with an essential outlet for expression and creativity, developing social skills and self-confidence.

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Community building

Stringathon helps to develop community partnerships between the local music scene and the public school system.

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Play it forward

By helping Stringathon donate to schools, together we invest in our youth's creative spirit and enrich our artistic tapestry.

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What is Stringathon?

Stringathon is a grass-roots initiative created by Canadian soul/roots performer, Charlie A'Court. Based in Halifax, NS, Stringathon collects unused guitar strings from the community, matches them to make complete sets, then donates them to local schools that have guitars as part of its music program.

Most schools have a music class, music program, or band room to some degree and many of those schools include guitars their students can learn on. However, music teachers routinely struggle with increasingly deeper budget cuts when it comes to keeping their instruments in good-working order suitable for learning. Sometimes teachers even resort to buying all their string-needs out of their own pocket without knowing for certain they can be reimbursed.

Stringathon believes in the benefits and importance of music education in the school system and aims to help ensure music teachers have the necessary strings to outfit their entire class, enabling them to focus on teaching the magic of creating music!

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Anyone can help...

Get involved with Stringathon today. Whether you're a guitar player, a music instrument retailer, or even a guitar string manufacturer, find out how you can lend a helping hand.